Can I Mix Collagen Powder With Orange Juice?

Our collagen powder dissolves quickly, making it easy to add to any drink or smoothie because it dissolves hot or cold! It is tasteless and odorless, which means it can be added nicely to any juice recipe.
Vitamin C is known to help boost collagen and adding a collagen supplement to orange juice is a great supplement option. Simply add our collagen powder to orange juice, mix and go!

How do I mix collagen powder with orange juice?

Our hydrolyzed collagen powder can easily be mixed with any juice, smoothie, coffee and shake! You can simply add 1 part powder to your orange juice and blend, or if you have one part powder at home to ensure maximum smoothness – we recommend blending in a blender!
Here’s how we make our Morning Orange Juice using our collagen supplements.
Make 1 serving of delicious orange collagen juice!

  1. 1 cup of orange juice of your choice – we recommend using freshly squeezed or 100% orange juice. The higher the quality of the juice, the better!
  2. serving of our collagen powder

In a blender, blend thoroughly until the powder is completely dissolved. Pour into a glass and drink immediately while frothy and cold. We personally like to drink it through a straw!

What are the benefits of adding collagen to my orange juice?

Since some 100% orange juices are already rich in vitamin C, adding collagen to orange juice is a great way to make sure we’re getting enough collagen! Vitamin C is a well-known and powerful skin nutrient – but unfortunately, we can’t make it in our own bodies.
Vitamin C is essential in the production of collagen and without it – the body cannot form collagen, making this powerful antioxidant an essential component of collagen synthesis.
There is no doubt that getting enough vitamin C in our diet has amazing benefits for our skin. Not only that, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties. So adding our collagen supplements to your orange juice is a great way to get real value for money!
Can I take vitamin C supplements and collagen powder together?
Yes, you can indeed take collagen and vitamin C at the same time! Doing so may give you a better boost to your health than if you were to take only one of these supplements. There are no known side effects to taking collagen supplements, which makes it a safe supplement to try taking along with vitamin C. When looking for vitamin C supplements to supplement our collagen, we recommend purchasing supplements that do not contain any extra ingredients such as flavoring and coloring!

Please note – we recommend that you consult your doctor or health practitioner before adding any new supplements to your diet.

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