Is It Safe To Take Collagen While Breastfeeding?

Yes, there are currently no known problems with taking collagen peptides (except marine collagen) during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but we recommend that you consult your doctor before taking any new supplements.

Why should I take collagen while breastfeeding?

There are many benefits to taking collagen, but here are some of our favorite reasons why you should add a daily dose of collagen to your daily life:.

Promotes skin elasticity. Healthy, hydrated and elastic skin is better during and after pregnancy. Some users of collagen supplements have been reported to recover quickly after childbirth, and some have reported a surprising lack of stretch marks and sagging skin after pregnancy compared to previous births. Every woman is different, but you can’t go wrong with a collagen supplement to boost natural collagen production!

It has digestive benefits. Collagen is made up of a variety of amino acids, some of which seal and heal the intestinal lining.

Collagen helps strengthen our joints and ligaments, helping your body take on new, physically demanding but priceless loads! After your baby is born, healthy joints will help you carry your baby and baby bag regularly. Caring for a baby is a physical task and many mothers experience pain in their neck, back and arms. Collagen can help relieve pain and muscle damage.

Peptide collagen supplements are very beneficial for the skin. Facial skin can also change dramatically – think additional hyperpigmentation, acne, and even texture changes. Many facial treatments and products are not safe during pregnancy (think Botox, use of retinol, fillers, etc.), so collagen is a great beauty alternative for those who want to care for their skin safely!

Some women experience hair growth during pregnancy, but postpartum hair loss and changes in hair condition can be worrisome, even months after the baby is born. Taking collagen can promote new hair growth and healthy, strong, shiny hair!

Will taking collagen while breastfeeding affect my milk production?

There are no known reports of reduced lactation levels when taking collagen and breastfeeding. If anything, adding collagen to your diet will increase your milk supply because it is rich in protein. Protein is a large number of nutrients necessary for women to produce breast milk, so collagen is a great way to increase your protein intake. Because our hydrolyzed collagen powder is highly soluble, you can mix it with almost any hot or cold food and drink, which is great because once your newborn is born, you may have less time!

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