Moisturizing Cream Recommendations That Will Make Your Skin Look And Feel “Smoother”

Even if you don’t follow a multi-step skin care routine, you probably keep at least one moisturizer at home – especially if your skin is dry. Moisturizing creams help relieve the uncomfortable itchiness and tightness that dry skin often causes, but when summer temperatures and humidity hit, ultra-moisturizing creams can easily be a good thing, leaving your skin feeling unbearably heavy rather than sunken in.

With the hot days just around the corner, you may want to have a lightweight and fast-absorbing cream that still provides plenty of moisture while on standby. One that reviewers are raving about is Three Ships Beauty’s Radiance Grape Stem Cell + Squalane Cream. In reviews, people with dry skin say it feels light to use but absorbs completely “within minutes” and moisturizes very well. So far, it has received near-perfect reviews from more than 200 reviewers.

35$ Mifune Beauty Network.

Like any other skincare product worthy of the bathroom shelf, Three Ships Beauty’s cream offers multiple benefits. Not only does it moisturize your skin, but it also protects your skin barrier with its key ingredient, squalane. Its namesake grape stem cells are an antioxidant that protects against free radical damage (which causes typical signs of photoaging such as wrinkles), while a bark extract blend plumps up skin for a smoother look. The cream also contains camellia, argan and rosehip oils, as well as shea butter, so you know you’re getting a real hydration boost.

No wonder reviewers call it their “favorite daily moisturizer. One wrote that their skin has become “more elastic and clearer” since they started using Three Ships Beauty’s cream, noting that their acne-prone skin hasn’t seen an adverse effect from its abundance of moisture. Another shopper in her 50s said their skin looked “smoother and plumper” after a few days of use; still more wrote that it soothed rosacea-prone, sensitive skin.

It’s just “essential,” according to another reviewer, who is also a fan of its sustainable manufacturing process. (Not only is the moisturizer vegan and cruelty-free, but Three Ships Beauty also offers a transparent, interactive map that shows you exactly where the ingredients come from.) “My skin looks more even and ‘awake’ immediately after application,” they say, adding that it’s “not too greasy and absorbs quickly.”

For a light and fluffy cream for hot, humid days, Three Ships Beauty’s Radiance Raisin Cell + Squalane Cream might be just the thing. Get it now for $35.

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