Stevia Is Better Than Xylitol

There are many sweeteners in life such as Stevia, Baidu Xylitol and so on. Stevia is a new natural sweetener extracted from the herb Stevia rebaudiana, family Asteraceae. It is the third natural sugar substitute with development value after sugar cane and beet sugar. So what is the difference between these two sweeteners, we need to compare them to understand their characteristics and differences.

Stevia has been proven by a large number of drug experiments to be non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, safe for consumption, and can prevent hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, dental caries, etc. It is a very ideal sweetener that can replace sucrose. Xylitol xylitol physicochemical properties, xylitol is on the cool side, as seafood, green beans and other food, it is not easy to be broken down by gastric enzymes, directly into the intestine, eat more than a certain stimulation of the gastrointestinal.

  1. Sweetness comparison

The sweetness of xylitol at room temperature is similar to that of sucrose, while the sweetness of stevia can reach 200-300 times that of sucrose, which is sweeter.

  1. Edible effect

Both stevia and xylitol can be used as alternative sweeteners for diabetic and obese patients. Xylitol may not need insulin to participate in the initial metabolism, but in the later stage of metabolism, it needs insulin to promote, and at the same time, excessive consumption of xylitol will raise blood lipids, compared with it, stevia is very stable and does not participate in human metabolism, so it is more suitable for the above-mentioned people.

  1. Stevia is widely used in soft drinks

The origin of xylitol is Finland, and its main sources are corn cobs and oak trees, and it is a very typical plant sweetener. Xylitol is not suitable for women who are breastfeeding or pregnant, and this should be taken with special care. Although there are many articles on the internet about the harmful effects of xylitol, further evidence is needed to prove whether xylitol is harmful or not.

Stevia can be widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, brewing, cosmetic and other industries, and it can save 60% of cost compared with the application of sucrose. Stevia also has health care properties and is a good health care sweet additive. Clinical experiments by food experts and medical experts have confirmed that the product has certain curative effects on sugar diabetes and hypertension, and also has certain auxiliary therapeutic effects on obesity, cardiovascular diseases, gastritis, oral diseases, excessive stomach acidity, etc.

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