Why Don’t You Use Essential Oils To Perfume Your Fragrance?

Perfumes can give off a pleasant aroma, for example, floral perfumes smell similar to flowers and feel as if you are surrounded by flowers.

However, when we go to look at its ingredients list, we will find that it is often used a variety of strange and exotic chemical ingredients, such as alcohols, phenols, aldehydes, ketones, esters and the like, rarely add essential oils, which is why?

The reason is simple, there are few advantages and many disadvantages of using essential oils in perfumery.

The advantages of essential oils

① Natural taste

The first advantage of essential oils is that the taste is more natural, because essential oils are extracted from plants, the ingredients and proportions inside are close to the plants, so the taste is similar. And artificial perfume is difficult to do 100% imitation, with the nose can smell the difference between natural essential oils and artificial fragrance, the natural smell to be comfortable, natural some.

② There are some specific effects

The second advantage of essential oils is that they have some specific effects, for example, lavender and chamomile essential oils can relieve tension and anxiety and have a relaxing effect on the mental state; tea tree oil and ginger oil have antiseptic and antibacterial effects. Fragrance does not provide these effects.

③ Gives a natural feeling

The third advantage of essential oils is to give people a natural feeling psychologically, to meet the consumer’s desire for the beautiful concept of “green, natural and idyllic”.

Other than that, there are no advantages, but there are a lot of disadvantages.

The disadvantages of essential oils

① High cost

First of all, the cost is too high, using steam distillation method from 154kg rose flowers can only get 18g rose oil, plus extraction costs, labor costs, testing costs and so on, so the real rose oil is extremely expensive, other floral essential oils (such as jasmine, osmanthus) is also the same.

The so-called “natural rose oil” purchased online for just a few hundred dollars is definitely fake, and the cost can’t be beat. In contrast, large-scale industrial production of essential oils is much cheaper and has an absolute advantage in price.

② Unstable quality

The quality of essential oils is unstable and the problem of stability includes two aspects.

One is that the quality of essential oils last year and this year may not be the same, because essential oils come from plants, and the cultivation of plants is dependent on the weather, just as the quality of wine can be affected by different years.

The second is that the quality of last month’s essential oils may also be different from this month’s, because essential oils contain many unstable components, especially terpenes. If the terpenes are not removed during the production process, they will react chemically and have a taste after a while, which is unacceptable for the quality control requirements of perfumes. This problem does not exist with artificially blended fragrances, as long as they follow a standardized process to achieve the same flavor.

③ Complex composition

The ingredients of essential oils are too complex, and there is no shortage of compounds that are more irritating, and sometimes the safety is not as good as synthetic fragrances.

④ The taste is not fragrant

Finally, there are essential oils that are not fragrant, such as chamomile, which has a very specific flavor that most people do not like. There are also plants that do not have access to essential oils and can only be imitated by artificially blended fragrances.

So only a very small number of cold niche perfume brands use essential oils, most perfumes still use fragrance to perfume. As an ordinary consumer, if the flavor of the perfume is not so concerned, there is no need to blindly go after the so-called “cost-effective” “natural perfume”.

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