Ann Taylor – The US Chain Of Clothing Stores For Women

Ann Taylor’s Approach to Ease

Unlike some, Ann Taylor’ll never live in sweats. But Ann Taylor will make silhouettes more fluid,
Ann Taylor’ll give the chicest of skirts and the most polished pants pull-on ease, Ann Taylor will look
at every detail and every fabric choice through the lens of how it feels on the
body and how it makes your life easier. But, like you, Ann Taylor will never, ever sacrifice style.

The A.T. Fit Commitment

Ann Taylor don’t believe great style is possible without a great fit. It’s ingrained in Ann Taylor history. It’s really who Ann Taylor are. A.T. was founded on the perfect-fitting dress that’s as versatile as she is. That simple idea continues to be Ann Taylor‘s guiding principle: the sleek kick-crop pant equally at ease week to weekend, the wrap sweater that’s as comfy as a bathrobe yet everyone asks where you got it…when the fit is right, you just feel it.

Style, Redefined

Ann Taylor unite with there customers through a love of fashion and a desire to wear
eye-catching favorites that project equal parts elegance and ease. Ann Taylor’re not about fussy fashion and fly-by-night trends. Ann Taylor create can’t-wait-to-wear-it, clean-lined pieces with a pop of color here and a perfect print there, all with a trust in the
timeless made modern.

Appreciation of the Little Things

Ahh, the details. The feeling you get when you find a dress that just flows, indulge in the softest knits imaginable, even cozy up with a good book, or slip into a long
catch-up with friends and fam who are far away. Ann Taylor understand the importance of details and the difference they make…which is why every A.T. piece is just a little
bit extra-ordinary.

Surprise & Delight…Because You Deserve It

Safety, yes. Effortless, sure. That’s what they all say. At A.T., Ann Taylor are committed to offering services you didn’t expect. A private shopping party after hours? Absolutely. Of course you can order online and pick up in stores. Ann Taylor’ll even have it waiting for you curbside. Anything else? Just ask.

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