Will Hair Coloring Accelerate Hair Loss?

From the year before to the year after, the street barber store business has been booming, styling and dyeing hair enthusiasm has been continued, to give a new hair color, also become one of the new year with a sense of ritual activity.

However, some people are worried that hair coloring will aggravate hair loss and even affect their health. So can hair coloring aggravate hair loss? What are the other precautions for hair dyeing?

Hair coloring, will accelerate hair loss?

There is a wide variety of hair dyes on the market, from permanent hair dyes that have a longer lasting effect to semi-permanent or disposable hair dyes.

Generally, semi-permanent or disposable hair dyes are easy to wash away and do not require the use of hydrogen peroxide, so they are less irritating to the hair and scalp.

What most people worry about is permanent colorants. The most common permanent dyes are synthetic oxidative hair dyes that require the use of hydrogen peroxide to destroy the hair’s melanin, causing the hair to decolorize, and intermediate agents such as paraphenylenediamine to attach the dye to the hair to develop the color.

In general, hair dye may irritate the scalp, but because it acts mainly on the hair, not on the hair follicles, it does not directly cause hair loss.

There are several points to note.

Hair dyes and hair coloring process damage hair. Hair dye can damage the hair and cause hair breakage in the middle of the hair, and the hair can be pulled out due to friction combing during the coloring process.
Irregular products or allergies can cause hair loss.
Short-term hair loss can occur if the heavy metal ingredients such as lead, mercury and arsenic are added to the hair dye purchased in excess of the standard, or if you are allergic to the ingredients of the hair dye and develop allergic dermatitis. So before dyeing your hair, you should conduct allergy tests on the hair dye, such as applying a small amount locally on your elbow, forearm and other locations before dyeing your hair.

If you want to dye your hair safely, do this

Choose regular brand products. Choose a regular brand of hair dye that has been tested and proven to be mild. And it is best to have odorless hair coloring products to avoid respiratory irritation. Some people like to buy hair dyes that contain plant-based ingredients, thinking that they are purely natural. But in fact, plant-based hair dyes also add benzodiamines and are more likely to cause allergies because of the more complex composition of plant extracts. So there is no need to blindly pursue all-natural hair coloring products.

Allergy testing before hair dyeing

It is best to conduct a small-scale test on a local area of the body, such as the elbow and forearm, 48 hours before dyeing. People with allergies and during pregnancy should not dye their hair. Avoid direct contact of hair dye with skin when dyeing hair. If you accidentally come into contact with it, you can use petroleum jelly to apply it or wipe it off in time. It is also important to wash off excess hair dye after dyeing to avoid residue on the skin.

It is not advisable to dye your hair frequently

Although hair loss is generally not triggered, it is inevitable that the surface layer of the hair will be irritated. It is recommended that hair be dyed at least 3 months apart, preferably no more than 2 times a year, and it is best to go to a professional hairdresser to have your hair dyed.


People with hair loss can dye their hair safely, but they should pay attention to the above points when dyeing their hair.

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