How To Remove Body Hair In Summer?

Many ladies in the summer will wear short skirts before a ruthless hair removal, so that they have a smooth white long legs, rather than “flying hair legs”.

There are many ways to remove hair, some people choose simple brutal manual plucking and shaving, some people use wax for tearing hair removal, hair removal cream hair removal. These hair removal methods although the effect is fast, but also more disadvantages, so laser hair removal stands out.

But is laser hair removal safe? What is the effect? Let’s talk about laser hair removal today.

The principle and advantages of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the direct destruction of the hair follicle root of the hair shaft and hair bulb through high-energy laser beams, making the melanin at the root of the hair follicle selectively absorb light energy, resulting in a sharp increase in local temperature, the hair follicle tissue is destroyed and can not be regenerated. Compared with traditional hair removal methods such as plucking and shaving, laser hair removal has the following advantages.

(1) Semi-permanent hair removal

Laser hair removal can achieve semi-permanent hair removal, while traditional hair removal methods generally only last a few days or a week or so. However, to achieve the effect of semi-permanent hair removal, 5-10 sessions are required.

Hair growth goes through anagen, regression, and resting phases. Hair in the anagen phase can be removed by 75% with laser hair removal, 25% in the regression phase, and almost ineffective in the resting phase, so it is best to choose to have laser hair removal during the anagen phase. Also, it takes several times to have significant results.

Based on the fact that different areas have different growth cycles, the time interval of each time also varies. For example, hair on the head has a relatively short resting period, so the interval can be as short as 1 month; hair on the trunk and extremities has a relatively long resting period, so a treatment interval of 2 months is appropriate.

Most of the hairs can be removed after 5-10 times of using the laser, and the remaining part, if any, will not affect the skin’s smoothness. And those home hair removal apparatus use weaker photons than energy, so the number of treatments may be more than laser.

(2) Good effect

Because different people have different hair in different parts of the body, traditional hair removal methods often have the trouble of not getting clean enough, while laser hair removal does not.

(3) Less pain

Hair removal by means of tweezing and waxing is often accompanied by pain, while hair removal creams tend to irritate the skin and cause allergies or sensitivities. In contrast, the laser hair removal process is coated with conduction gel, which is cold and almost painless.

Laser hair removal precautions

(1) For the area where hair removal is desired, it is recommended to hold off on laser hair removal if you have been exposed to the sun or used other hair removal methods within 4 weeks prior to hair removal, or have an infection, herpes simplex, etc.

(2) Laser hair removal requires high requirements for machines, operators and sterile conditions, so be sure to go to a professional institution.

(3) After hair removal, red spots, edema or blisters around the hair follicles and pain may appear in the hair removal area, cold compresses can be applied, if the symptoms persist, prompt medical attention should be sought.

(4) The hair removal area should be protected from sunlight and moisturized to reduce the incidence of hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation and to accelerate skin repair.

(5) Treatment wounds should be strengthened to prevent infection, and topical or oral antibiotics need to be administered under doctor’s orders if necessary.


If you want to have a clean and hairless skin, you can choose laser hair removal to solve the hair trouble. But after laser hair removal should also pay attention to sun protection and moisturizing, discomfort timely medical examination, so as to avoid skin diseases caused by hair removal.

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